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Quest 2: Audio crackling noises and video stuttering with link?

Level 2
I've recently been exploring playing on my PC using the link cable (mostly for recording beat saber), and I've been running into some unexplained audio issues. I just seem to get incessant crackling noises when I play. At first, I though it was just the recordings, but after switching to put on headphones while playing, I actually hear the crackling coming from the headset audio itself. Sessions usually start out fine, but then eventually the stuttering comes in and slowly gets worse and to the point where eventually the game starts getting stutter-y and laggy. I'm running a pretty beefy PC (GTX 3080 and AMD Ryzen 7 5800x) and running the link cable through a USB 3.1 port directly from the motherboard, so I can't imagine this is the problem (though maybe I just got a faulty cable?).

Anyone else run into this?