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Quest 2 Controllers have lost tracking with index finger and thumb

Level 2

To put it brief, my quest 2 controllers, both of them, have suddenly lost the ability to detect when my index finger and thumb have moved from the trigger while on my PC using Air Link and whenever I play a game like VRChat. The tracking is perfectly fine when it comes to the Oculus PC Home and when using the Quest by itself, tracking perfectly fine in those situations (i.e games like Resident Evil, Medal of Honor, etc.). If I can do anything to not have to fully reinstall the Oculus App id very much appreciate it as it would become a hassle to get everything setup again.

If there is no solution, what is the next step? I've had both for a year now and wouldn't really expect a failure this far in from either controller.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! Thank you for reaching out about your controller issue with tracking and for troubleshooting what you could on your end. Here is a link dealing with tracking on the headset. We hope that this article helps. Also, if you find that you are still having issues, you can place a support ticket with us. Thank you! 

Level 4

I have the same problem. I can grip and open my hand but not point - with either hand.
I have tested the controllers with two Quest 2 headsets (with two sets of controllers), on Link cable (with two separate cables) and with Air Link. Mine aren't working in the Oculus Home environment. Perhaps it has something to do with a recent update but then I would expect more people to be reporting this issue.

As with Nera123, my controllers work fine when not in Link, and playing Quest games.

Level 4

Problem fixed!

I'm not sure why. Two things happened, either of which could have done it.

Firstly, I followed the advice of TomC69 who suggested I run a Repair on the desktop Oculus app. It was quite easy to do. I have a Rift - not Rift S - so I followed the instructions on the Meta website HERE


I have a Rift - not Rift S - so I scrolled right to the bottom at and downloaded the software.

When it had installed, I put on my Quest 2 and, coincidentally, there was an update waiting - so I updated the headset operating system from 39 to 40.

Then I plugged in my Link cable and, voila, my controllers are working properly now - and I have been playing Lone Echo 2 for the last few hours.

The textures for items in the Oculus PC Home environment took a while to re-establish after running the Repair but it's all good now.

So either running the Repair fixed the problem, or the update did. Thanks, TomC69, for your help.