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Quest 2 Link Cable

Level 2

My link cable is connected, shows that my VR headset is correctly connected to the PC. I also did a test and it still was paired. Yet each time I try to launch Oculus Link it fails. I've restarted my PC and headset multiple times, deleted the software and reinstalled, and even put the cable in different ports. It was working fine earlier today, but when the update rolled around, everything stopped working. I did check drivers as well and they are also up to date. Any more suggestions? 


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hi there, we'd like to check into this further. Could you please click here to submit a ticket and include your Oculus Diagnostics Logs? Thanks!

Level 2

My friend is having the same exact issue. At one point it gave her the red X and no audio after a port change, but once we reinstalled the driver it went back to green and just not launching.