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Quest 2 / Visible jitter around edges of shapes

Level 2


After receiving my replamcenet Oculus 2, I started to notice a jitter around the outside edges of shapes, looks like some small diagonal spikes moving. This effect is also visible on white text on black background and also on the outside edge of the blue guardian border that can be seen on the floor (basically the guardian line is not a smooth line, but has small moving spikes on it).

In specific environments I can observ a light jitter across the entire screen which looks like diagonal line, in line with the diagonal spikes that I can see on the edges.

An example from what I could catch, in the following video:

Can look at the top edge of the tiles and at the white text on the black background, that small jitter/flickering is not from the camera, but actually on the screen, and even more visible with the eye.


Got suggested to send it back, but just want to confirm if it's just anti-aliasing limitation and on all devices or it's limited to my device? Any help would be much appreciated.