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Quest 2 airlink glitches

Whenever I connect my oculus to the airlink it kinda freezes. It's kinda hard to describe, but it kinda won't load the surroundings, so it is just as if you are looking at a screen with 1hz refreshrate. It used to work alright, with only the glitch appearing sometimes, but now it never works.

I have tried updating my drivers, looked at countless youtube videos about how to fix it but nothing works.



GPU - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060

CPU - i5-9600KF

RAM - 16GB, 2666 MHz

Driver Version - 512.59


Do let me know if there is any other information that I need to specify.


Retired Support

Has your Air Link worked properly in the past or is this the first time you are trying to use Air Link? Are you using a wired connection for internet connection through ethernet or wireless connection with a 5gz bandwidth channel? Does the low connection refresh rate happen constantly or is it only every once in while? You mentioned YouTube videos, what steps have you taken to get this issue resolved? (this will help so I don't repeat steps you've already tried) 


You can also send me a private message by clicking on my name and clicking send a message incase our troubleshooting needs to be more in depth with a better back and fourth conversation, but the choice is yours! 



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My airlink has worked before, but it only worked after I restarted my computer.

My PC is wired to the router (I belive it is 5gz), it is wirelessly connected to the router and I have a Google Nest right next to my PC.

The low connection refresh rate happends anytime that I launch the airlink. I will load in, see the logo, and then be stuck from there.

For the steps, it was mostly some that wasn't completely what I was looking for but I still tried it. A couple of them was chaning the bitrate, which did not help one bit. Another one was turning on console visibility, which helped one time, but then it didn't help anymore. That was kinda the only things the youtube videos showed.


I think that should be able to answer the questions, but I am not sure.

Retired Support

Thanks for the reply, it was helpful! Since you mentioned the Google Nest mesh network, I would recommend using the Wi-Fi channel that isn't connected to your mesh network as a mesh network can cause performance issue with Air Link. On the Air Link best practices support page it states to use a non-mesh network when connecting via Air Link, here is the link to that article: Air Link Best Practices! Are you able to have your main router in the same room as your headset and PC, because if so, it is recommended to have your set up in this way to reduce latency. 


My best guess is that your issue is coming from the fact that you use a mesh network, becuase it has been know to cause major performance issues and cause users to not be able to even launch Air Link. If you're able, please attempt to reconfigure your Wi-Fi network to be strictly using the ethernet cable with no wireless mesh network, especially since you have the capability to use an ethernet cable. Please give this a shot and let me know! 


If this step is unsuccessful in getting your Air Link performance to increase, please get back to me with the following information:

  • Are you able to still use Air Link in the sense that you can access games but they are choppy and look bad, or are you unable to access menus and games?
  • Have you considered using a Link cable? The Link cable doesn't require a super strong network connection for streaming games from your PC as all data is sent through the cable. 
  • You mentioned Air Link working properly in the past, have there been any changes made to your PC, internet network, or place space (i.e. new appliances, new wifi devices, etc.) since the time AIr Link was working properly? 
  • Are you making sure that there aren't any unnecessary programs open when you are trying to connect via air link?


Super Hot and Onward to work up a sweat, Walkabout Mini Golf for peace of mind, and Beat Saber to hone my focus! With that out of the way... what can I do ya for?!