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Quest 2 guardian and passthrough issues

This is really starting to frustrate me.  I take my headset off for just a few seconds to take care of something, I.E.: look at my phone, and then when I put it back on, no change in lighting to the room whatsoever, I didn't get up, I didn't change my orientation in ANY way, it loses guardian every. time. and I have to set it up again.  In addition, say I want to get up and change rooms or even change areas of a room without taking the headset off.  Passthrough should allow this with no problem but it seems even slight changes in light cause it to lose tracking, which turns off passthrough entirely every time, meaning I will be trying to move and I get a black screen with three dots and then the message that tracking is turned off, often while I'm walking, causing me to have to take the headset off anyway.


Granted, it probably isn't recommended to try to walk around the entire house with an oculus on, but I shouldn't have this issue if I just want to move to another part of the room.  I feel this is the exact purpose Passthrough was meant for, and it doesn't work for me.


Can we please have a way to keep Passthrough turned on until i turn it off with the shortcut, regardless of surroundings?  Or have a notification that pops up on Passthrough saying tracking was lost, instead of going to a completely black screen and then back to oculus tracking settings which has no Passthrough input at all?


Having the Oculus cut to black for only this reason seems really dangerous to me if I am trying to briefly traverse to another area of a room.


Thank you for your consideration.


P.S. I should mention that this happens after I clean the exterior cameras as well, as far as I can tell, it is not being caused by any smudges or scratches (that I can see) on them.  Also it should be noted that I primarily use stationary guardians, so I don't draw boundaries most of the time.  In addition all rooms I've used (as far as I can remember) have had exponentially more than enough light to read by (as suggested here: