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Quest 2 guardian drawing trigger stuck

Level 2

Sometimes, when I try to draw a new guardian, the trigger button seems to get stuck. Which means I can't release and then confirm the boundaries. Even the guardian drawing sound sticks around when I go back.

I tried using the other controller but that gave the same problem.

I tried removing the batteries of the controller but that didn't help.

This somehow did not impact other games / apps.

This happens sometimes.


Not sure what else to do?


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there! We'd like to gather some more information about this, can you please click here to submit a ticket? Thanks.

Level 2

I have exactly the same bug and am on the latest (non beta) release for my Quest 2.

I've been using stationary boundary to avoid this issue but if I switch to roomscale, as soon as I select it, it starts drawing so as I move the controller to the actual edge I want to define, it's already drawn a boundary line out into space.

Yeah the same has been happening to me. But I don’t think the buttons stuck. I can see the line turn blue to green when I hold the button down and vice versa when I release. The button is just held down.

Level 2

I have the same issue, the only way I can get around it is restarting my Quest 2. Is there a fix yet?

Level 4

Same issue here. I have to switch to stationary mode, restart the headset and I can draw the surface correctly.
But as guardian is lost very often, I have to redo it very often.

Level 2

I also have the same issue.   I have to switch to stationary mode and it sucks because the blue circle interferes with any content I'm viewing.

I suggest you doing as I do : switch to stationary mode, restart the headset and you'll be able to draw a new surface. It's a little annoying to do but you won't be forced to stay in stationary mode.