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Quest 2 headset problems?

Level 2

I will keep this short


I got the quest 2 from bestbuy and ever since I opened the box it's just been problems I've contacted support by submitting a ticket and never got a reply but randomly my quest 2 loses tracking and my hands will be placed by my sides where they are stuck there I can turn them but they just pivot at the wrist and sometimes when I take my headset off and put it back on I will have sound but no picture I either need to slap the front of the headset "not ideal I know but it works" or press the button to lock the headset and then unlock it again 



Also the battery on my quest 2 is trash I'm not hating but mine specifically it lasts around 3 hours and when I turn it completely off(hold the power button until its turned completely off) the battery slowly dies I left my quest 2 unplugged over night and dropped from 40% to 1%.


I just want to game with strangers and have fun but **bleep** I can't even do that