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Quest 2 headset tracking

Level 2

I’ve been using my quest 2 with link cable (official cable) for some time now with pretty much no issues. Yesterday I upgraded my pc case to a new one that holds two liquid cooling radiators. And moved my pc from under the desk to on top of my desk so that I could see all the pretty flickering flashing lights. 
Today I donned my headset and noticed that the image kept moving and shifting around. It was a little nuisance but I figured it would settle down once I got into the flight sim that I play. Nope it was still there and just as bad as it was before. Ever tried landing an F-18 on a carrier deck when you blip to the outside of your cockpit? It didn’t go well...

so I guess my question would be is do flashing red led lights from my pc affect the headset tracking? Also the side panel on the case is tinted glass, would that reflecting have an affect? Thank you 


Level 2


 A photo of my pc.