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Quest 2 left controller not working

Level 2

Back in early November 2021, my Quest 2 left controller started moving on it's own. I tried several options to relieve the issue, but nothing worked. On Nov 16th, I reached out to Oculus Support, described the common issue, attached a video of the issue for the support team to review, and was given an RMA and told that it takes 2-3 days to review and ship a replacement once it's rec'd. Despite regular follow-ups on my part and being assured that they are 'working on it' and should hear something soon, I still do not have an update on when the replacement will be sent out. It's been 2 months now since they rec'd the controller, and I'm still no closer to having it back. The extremely frustrating part is that even though it was annoying, I could still manage to play most of my games with the glitchy left controller, But since I had to send it back, I've been unable to use it at all...for a full 2 months now. Has anyone else had a similar issue? What are my options at this point? I've only had this for a year now, and a full 2 months of it's been sitting on the shelf. So frustrated with the support - they've just told me the same thing over and over...we're working on it, hopefully you'll have it in early December, then definitely by Christmas, then 'Dec 29th', now we're getting close to February. I'm at a loss...