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Quest 2 left controller restock

Level 2

could anyone give me a possible lead on when the left controller will be available again, my left controller broke and I  would like to get a replacement as soon as possible,  please let me know 


Level 2

I've been waiting since early december and some people on here even mid november. Got my right controller back instantly so idk what's going on.

Level 2

same problem here. they haven't restocked any controller for so long that there are some people who waitied over a year to have them restocked and its really annoying, also its highly requested so idk why they aren't bringing it in stock and i think they will have even more buys when they restock them then the quest 2 itself (ps: i meant all controllers including oculus go, rift, rift s, oculus quest 1 and ofc quest 2)

Have you heard any updates on when or if they’ll restock these? 

Level 11

I think it's just going to be a matter of being patient and checking the store regularly. Yeah, it sucks. But it's not like Meta/Facebook feels the need to tell us consumers when they have stuff back in stock.

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