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Quest 2 link cable is messing up.

Level 2

So around the start of January i got a quest 2 with a link cable (KIWI design) and recently it has started bugging out, after 10 - 15 minutes of use it will disconnect and go back to the quest 2 home lobby, if i try and reconnect it it’ll work for around 1 minute and then disconnect again. At this point i have to restart the headset.


Whenever this issue occurs i look at the oculus software in my computer and it says that the link cable and the quest 2 are connected. However it says that the cable is in a usb 2.0 slot, which it isn’t, and if i try to plug it into any other cables the same thing happens.


I would greatly appreciate a solution to this because i don’t want to get a new link cable  or headset all together. And my wifi is bugging out right now so virtual desktop is also out of the question.