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Quest 2 loses tracking and remotes won’t connext

Level 2

I hadn’t had any issues with my oculus quest until today. Turned it on, the lost tracking screen came up immediately before getting to the dashboard. The remotes won’t connect(they just keep vibrating) and the screen just flickers on the lost tracking screen. Tried restarting it a couple times and have yet to make it to the Home Screen. Any ideas?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Slowake21! Let's look into this together to get your headset and controllers tracking properly again.


To start, we have some questions:

  • Do you experience similar issues while playing in other locations?
  • How brightly lit is your play environment?
  • Has anything changed in your play area? New furniture, lights, etc?

In the meantime, there are some things you can try:

  • Ensure your room is lit enough to comfortably read a book in
  • Remove any reflective surfaces like mirrors or screens from your play area
  • Remove controller batteries for at least 30 minutes

Let us know how these work out for you. We'll be here to help further if you need it. Thanks!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Greetings! We're looking in to see if you still need assistance. Please let us know!



The problem does appear to happen in all locations. We use it in the same room 95% of the time and nothing has changed in that room. I'll try removing the batteries from the controllers when I get home tonight. I did try switching out the batteries with no luck. I'll let you know as soon as I try the battery suggestion.

Perfect! Just let us know if those steps we suggested help, or if we need to try some more troubleshooting. We're here for you!

Hey again! We just wanted to check in and see if you were able to try that troubleshooting yet. Let us know if it worked, or if you still need more help!

Level 2

Unfortunately, none of the suggestions worked. Anything else I can try?


Thank you for keeping us in the loop! We're sorry you're still having some tracking issues. At this point, we suggest reaching out to our expert support line here




Submit a help ticket anytime and we can offer other ways to resolve this. We are looking forward to hearing from you!