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Quest 2 rift s controller replacement

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Why is it that the only controllers in stock are for the quest 2? It makes no sense to me that the quest 2 controllers aren't backwards compatible.


Why is there no way to calibrate the stick? There used to be but it was removed.  


Why hasn't oculus support responded to my email with some kind of help?


I have not put that many hours on my rift s controllers and it's drifting to the point of being unusable. 




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Anonymous can you provide your ticket number so we can check the current status? Thanks.

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ticket is 3041241


I actually don't think it's drifting anymore.  when I press right on the stick it goes faster than if I press left.  also when I press down on the stick (R3?) and hold left it speeds up .  


I don't know what you call that.  but it's broken.