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Quest/Link still useless since update

Level 4
So during the past week or so my Link setup has for the most part been utterly DEAD due to several updates that has made the Windows Oculus app incompatible with my Quest - with the app constantly telling me "An updated version of Oculus app is required. Update now." Although there is no ****ng update! Or it tells me to update my Quest software/firmware. Which of course is nonsense, as it updates automatically and has the latest version installed.
The way Oculus are rolling out these updates is plain ridiculous!
There is zero info from Oculus on how to work around this crap, and no way to manually download and install a *working and compatible* set of software versions for the Quest and the Windows Oculus app.
With Link being in Beta I was expecting glitches and bugs here and there, but this is just plain unacceptable.

I actually got a lot of assistance from Support yesterday. They were very helpful and, well.. supportive. Still, after several hours of back and forth (try this, try that, install this, repair that..) nothing was resolved.


Level 3
totally agree...Oculus way to rolling out updates are so ridiculous.

Level 3
Same here

Level 3
and the microphone is not even fixed yet in v13 with software v14... sad

Level 4
3 days now, its pretty fking lame. I am very disapointed as well. No comments or support at all is making it worser. We are thursday, they shouldve reach 100% user base by now for the V13....

Level 2
Makes me (and probably everyone else) want to turn off auto-update. Not something they want, I'm sure, but that's what will happen if this kind of thing keeps up.

Level 4
same here. Lost many hours today because of them

Level 5
this is embarassing. i will sell my quest soon. wrost buy ever

Level 4
It's like dealing with my cable provider. Just want to smack my head on the wall. It would hurt less than their customer service.

Level 2
Crap no resolution not what I want to see