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Quest Right Controller not working

Level 3
Basically I just got my quest today and I love it to death but randomly the right controller stopped working. It tracks fine but both triggers dont work, the regular a and b buttons work. I tried changing the batteries which done nothing, restarting the vr, and doing tutorial like 3 times. Something I noticed is when doing the tutorial the animations dont work for you hand on the right at all. Also I realized that the right trigger is constantly down (not physically but in game its always as if its constanyly being pressed down. PLEASE can someone help Im desperate and really want to use this vr.

I tried and still hasn't worked 

I have the same issue and tried this and the right remote still doesn’t  work I’ve contacted support but I will be very disappointed with oculus if I’m forced to pay 70 dollars for a replacement when it is clearly a recurring issue that you guys have not fixed. 

Absolutely they should be responding and immediately sending replacements for their faulty products not playing email support tag 

Level 2

Just got a new redesigned Quest 2 and I am having the same issues.  Is it faulty HW or are all Q2 users experiencing this?

Level 2
I have the same problem with the right controller, it turns on, it pairs, but I do not recognize it as it is shown in this video, does anyone have any solution?

Level 2

Hi. I thought I was the only one, I finally stumbled onto a post that has this problem.


Since May I have been returning my right controller, I think a 5th one is coming back to me, I bought a new one recently and it came on Saturday. Used it for 5 hours and now I can't see my controller. The button input works but I can't see the controller. Anyone got a solution to this? 

Level 2

I found something that works for my son's quest 2.  Take out the battery and place a slim piece of aluminum foil between the positive battery terminal (the one that sticks out) and the little hole where the battery sits in the bottom of the controller. 


Since I did this my son's quest 2 right controller has worked continuously. Hopefully it works for you all as well

Level 3

Bruh, I got online to play some arizona sunshine with my frieends and my trigger just stopped working and i replaced the battery 2 times and i sent oculus a ticket and they just says to restart the headset or submit a ticket. Like i did that obviously because i told those dummies and they arent doing anything about it. I do not wanna spend 70 bucks on a replacement just for a vr headset. The trigger is making a weird sound when i press it. I'm pretty sure the trigger just broke.

Level 3

If it under a year old they will replace it but you will be without a controller for that time, I've been a customer since the touch released for the cv1 and have had multiples of all those headsets/controllers. They will have you jump through the same stupid hoops Everytime, but if it's less than a year old, there should be be any issue for them to replace. Most recently, my quest 2 left controller had some wonky drift with the Thumbstick, and I would just spray a little quick drying electrical contact cleaner in there to get rid of it but I got to the point that I was having to "clean it" everyday. Only 6 months old so they relpaced it. I went ahead and order a new one to be delivered before I shipped it off because I didn't want to be without for 2 week(typical turnaround from the time it leaves your house). Warranty for me exp on oct13 sicne I bought it at launch, but about a month ago my right started doing the same thing. And a little spray of the qd contact cleaner about once a week makes it drift free. When I do it I just do all the buttons on the controller. Mainly, Thumbstick, trigger and grip for good measure. Not saying that it will fix your issue but it's worth a shot and plus it's good to have on have for any other controller type issues. 


Just make sure it is Quick Drying electrical contact cleaner. I got mine for either home Depot or Lowe's because it's almost double the price on Amazon last time I checked. Just checked, not to bad actually.


CRC - 2130 QD Plastic Safe Liquid Contact Cleaner, 11 oz Aerosol Can, Clear


Make sure to get the blue can and not the red if you go with that brand, because the blue can is plastic safe. I know this was long but I hope it helps someone.




Level 3

Is there a warrant? So, they'll replace it for me for free? I didn't break it or anything it just stopped working entirely.