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Quest no longer working with Oculus Link

Level 2

Hi, up until yesterday, Quest 2 was working fine on my PC with link.  I have been playing Lone Echo 2 without issue, but yesterday, when loading the Oculus software, I get a red bar that says oculus isn't compatible with this system's hardware.

I contacted support via whats app and they said my GPU wasn't compatible, but checking the compatible GPU pages it is.  I have an RX 580 and your specs say that the AMD 500 series is compatible.


I have uninstalled the Oculus app and reinstalled, as well as first trying to repair it, but no luck.


Any ideas?




Level 2

Sorry, all is well.

It appears my graphics card was DOA which is why the system wasn't recognizing it.  I had to completely reinstall the driver software and then all is working fine again.  Thanks!