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ok so a year ago I purchased a 256GB headset from Best Buy and still have a year left on the warranty. One of the tightening straps on the back of the headset recently broke and when I called Best Buy they said meta/Facebook handles everything now because of the recall for the foam interface. They gave me a few numbers which are all useless and I don’t know how to get my headset swapped for a new one under the Best Buy accidental damage warranty. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @DRIPPY999! Thank you for taking the time to make contact with Best Buy. They were definitely your first contact since you purchased your headset from them. That being said, since they don't wanna help, we'd be more than happy to take a look at your headset and see what we can do for ya!


You mentioned that the strap is broken. Considering that, your fastest route to a resolution will be to reach out to Meta Store Support directly in an email or chat by following this link. They'll request some information from you and collect a couple pictures of your headset, then they can  get the ball rolling partner!


We wish you the speediest of solutions and hope to see you back in the Metaverse soon!