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RIFT S crashing on the boot up of my steam games.

Level 2
This is not the first time I've come across this problem however its happening to nearly all my games but 1 now. For whatever reason when I boot a game on steam like job simulator for example, the steam loading screen will appear and everything will work fine but right as it boots into the game, It instantly sends a windows alert saying the tracking is gone and the screen on the headset turns off and shines a orange light, the headset will require the game to be turned off and oculus to be reset every time. This is not an issue with the game itself as the games run fine in the background however, the headset crashes when they boot. I am labelling this as software because its not a issue with steam or the game, it clearly shows me its the oculus.  

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager
Hi there, we'd be happy to look further into this with you. Please click here to submit a ticket and include your Oculus Diagnostics Logs as well so that we can continue working on this with you.