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RIFT S: sensors cannot track headset. Update 27

Level 2

After updating the client to version 27. When the Rift S headset is connected, the red indicator is on, 3 dots are blinking on a black background, ad infinitum.

Trying to reinstall Windows - didn't fix the problem, reinstalling the client - didn't fix the problem.
When trying to set up for the first time, it stops at the stage "RIFT S: sensors cannot track headset". Although the connection was successful. Windows Privacy Settings Set - All Allowed.


In the Windows event log. Windows reports module RiftSTracker.dll and OVRServer_x64.exe failed.


Before the update everything worked fine. Help me please =(

Windows 10x64 20h2, build 19042.906



Level 3

Oh my god, if this is the reason mine hasn't been working I'm going to be really mad. I have been at my wits end with this. Can't get the sensors to work during setup. I know they work, because when I put the headset on, it shows 3 dots with a dark background and I can move around just fine. The controllers are also ALWAYS at my feet no matter where I move them.


I just want to play Alyx man lol

Oculus App Update issues - Oculus Community - 853014 ( 

Found information, many people have encountered this problem. But users are sure that their headsets are working properly, without problems, before installing the update v26, v27. After looking for useful information on the page, some craftsmen posted older versions of the client and drivers, and rolled back to version v25