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RMA Delays

Level 2

3-5 days turnaround for an RMA?




I sent my quest 2 to oculus after 1 simple support ticket which I am glad about, but after it reached their warehouse, they never sent an email about it arriving until 2 days later. Now it is almost 1 week after it arrived, and still no update. I sent a support ticket to them, and they said that I will receive a tracking link once they have a replacement unit out. I'm just wondering when that will be since I have some important upcoming events.


Anyone else have this same issue?


Level 4

Yes, email said 2-3 days. 
Escalation to support then said 5 days. 

After 12 days, escalation to support said I will have contact within 24 hours. 

Nothing received... 


Had enough of the chase now... 


Won't be buying or recommending ever again. 


Terrible support.