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RMA question - what do you receive when they send you a "replacement product"? (Quest 1)

Level 5

Hi guys,


My Quest 1 died on me and the Oculus support confirmed that I'll get a "replacement product" after they got my old headset. My question is, what do I receive in exchange after I sent in the whole package:


- box

- Oculus Quest 1

- 2x Controllers

- charger

- cable

- cleaning cloth


Do I get a full (different) box which cointains all of this?

In what condition will the "Quest" and the "controllers" be? Is it used?

Do I get a used product from someone else who maybe poorly treated his product?


Is there a slight chance they still have Quest 1s for replacement purposes which never went out to customers?

I mean, after all that time they already produce the Quest 2, where do they get the Quest 1s from?


As you can tell I'm a bit frightened that I receive a headset which is in worse condition than my current one.


What do you think?

Any experiences?


Thank you!