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Random distortion in pass-through mode with Quest 2

Level 7

I rarely use pass-through mode on my Quest 2, but I had it on longer than usual the other day and noticed a distortion that would keep randomly occurring at the top right of my vision. There's no specific pattern to it, but the distortion is always the same and occurs at the same place (top right corner). I made sure I had the latest update and rebooted the unit, which didn't change anything about this behaviour.

Has anyone else seen something like this before? My Quest 2 is a launch unit, so it's well out of warranty.


It's now having me wonder if there's a problem with the tracking cameras on my Quest 2. I've noticed for quite some time now that I have moments in games like Beat Saber where I register a miss with my right controller, when I know I hit things properly. These tracking issues always occur on the right side and are fairly random regarding when they occur.