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Recording Video with Party Chat

Level 3

Is it possible to record gameplay with mic on, and have party chat audio in the recording? If not please make it possible as an option to toggle when you start recording, if you are in a party call!


p.s. please add discord as a form of communication. thanks!


Level 2

I agree. we need this function.

i agree

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You can record party chat by taking an output from the headphone jack and then splitting it. You could use a long cable or bluetooth transmitter to get it onto your PC. 

I made a video about it if that helps:

Level 10

Wouldn't this be a privacy invasion issue? If your party doesn't know they are being recorded, it's kind of unfair to record their chat and put it in a video.

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Hiya Pixie. I always make sure I tell people if I'm recording. But it's simple enough to record people's voices when talking on PC so I don't think there can be a major privacy issue. Plus, it records people's voices fine if you're using in-game voice chat (i.e. not the party system), so whilst I agree its always polite to let people know they are being recorded, I don't believe this is the reason why you can't currently do it. Thanks for replying. 

But it is the reason that was given to us by Facebook/Meta.

Lo, a quest! I seek the threads of my future in the seeds of the past.



Honest. I been doing this for YEARS on ps4.... u may not realize that EVERYTHING in ps4 is on record.... hence the ability to record the previous (however long) game play audio and all.... with the ability to exclude self, or party.

Very handy, yeah, privacy eeek..... but if u step out your front door expect to be recorded.... why shouldn't public chat be the same.....

 Not happy, but I get it