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Red acne spots due to Quest??

Level 3

Hey everyone. Love the Oculus; best thing I've bought in years but I've developed red spots on my cheeks below my eyes where the headset sits and they take weeks to go away. 

I see Oculus are aware of this issue and wondered if there was a solution? I now use a silicone mask but it looks like the damage is done because the spots reappeared. The foam was also washed after every session and I never used the Quest more than 20-30 minutes at a time (FitXR session i play is only 20-30 mins)


I'm 47 and never had acne or skin issues until the week after I used the quest in 2020.


I've had to stop playing the quest now until I can sort this but wanted to ask if the community had a solution other than the coverings I've used? 




Not directly related to Oculus but: when I was younger (50 now) and went to the gym regularly i started to get red spots all over my arms and neck... Doctor suggested I use paper towels instead of the regular towel I used to dry my sweat. It worked, i mean I was going through paper towels like crazy and got weird look at the gym but the red dots went away. Now your story is scaring me, thinking I may develop the same sensitivity. Try covering the interface with a natural fiber like cotton, or paper towel. Wash your face before and after...  Also ask your doctor if there is anything they think would work and please share what works.



Level 3

Hi again😁 After meeting with my doctor he put me to a dermatologist who confirmed it's the Oculus face cover that comes with the quest and (probably) FitXr rapid movement that's caused the skin to react like that. I see loads of people on YouTube now and Reddit that have similar reactions so it's looking like a common issue?