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Referal program process not satisfying and lack of support from occulus

Level 2

To whom it may concern,

My wife and I just bought to oculus system and we were told by the salesman at Best Buy that we could get $35 credit each my wife and I for referring one and other to purchase games. Little did we know as we are not to say old, but possibly more mature then the target group using VR about the process to get the referral incentive. Long story short I contacted oculus and attempted to have them assisting me in the process to get what we should get for credit voucher and I was told that we did not signed in or register the system correctly, therefore we are SOL. I think this is not quite acceptable.  Yes I understand that we might not be the most technology advance, however there should be a way to credit our accounts. I was told that it's done by the computer and no human interface can modify it. I think it's quite ironic that we have all this technology and we can't do a simple task of  given a credit voucher to remedy the situation.