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Refurbished Oculus quest 2

Level 2

Got a refurbished Oculus quest 2 and I can't get it to connect to the controllers or the internet it won't even show up on my devices. I can see where they sent me my refurbished Oculus quest 2 but it won't show up on my Oculus. There for it won't recognize the quest to setup. And the one that is in my receipt is the wrong serial number too. So a lot of problems I just want to play again it's been 6 months since I have been able to play with the first headset not working after update. Now it has been one thing after another and I just am getting tired of it.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, @xXTiggerXx! We understand your frustrations after not being able to enjoy your device for 6 months. This is not the experience we want for any of our users. Please allow us to provide some troubleshooting steps to try and resolve these connectivity issues. If you haven't done so already, please try the following:


  • Remove the batteries in your controllers for 2-3 minutes before replacing with fresh ones
  • Remove the batteries for at least 30 minutes to try and reset the controllers before attempting to pair again
  • Reboot your headset
  • Restart your internet router before attempting to connect again
  • Last resort, perform a factory reset on your headset

If none of these suggestions work to resolve your issue, please reach back out to our support team. You can respond to the last email you received from the team when getting your replacement, or you can click here to open a new ticket. Either way, one of our agents will do everything they can to get to the bottom of this and provide you with your options.