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Release Channel Issue Alpha not showing up in "My Preview App"

Level 3

Hi, we have over 10 playtsters waiting to play our Alpha build and we are struggling with figuring out how to make the Release Channel feature work so our playtesters can access our Alpha build in their VR headset. 



Playtesters are invited and can even see the Alpha build in the web dashboard under "Preview Apps" ( but they can't find the App in the Quest headset menu or in their Oculus phone app.


What we have tried:

We tell them to go to the "universal menu" then click "Store" scroll to the bototm to "My Preview Apps" but our Alpha build is not to be found. We also ask them to click "apps" and then filter through the drop down selections to see if it shows up. No luck.

We've had them restart their VR headset multiple times and had them unsubscribe and go thought the invite flow again by re-inviting them.

The strange thing is that all my team members were able to get the Alpha build onto their Quests. 


Any help on this would be deeply appreciated.