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Replacement Cable Clip For Head Strap

Level 4
So the clip that holds the cord to the back of the headstrap came off during play and I can't for the life of me find it. Is there a way to get a replacement clip?
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Level 4
While not as sightly, I will say that using a zip tie has been keeping my cable much more secure than the previous clip that I lost myself.  Keeps the cable from moving even slightly (the cable material has a bit of give which allows this), which has done a good job at preventing issues if cords get stepped on.  The other end has the same treatment, since my computer case has handles.  Results may vary depending on the quality of the zip ties, however.

Level 2
I found this post after losing my clip. Ended up 3d printing one from the link below:

Level 2
use a small ziptie you will never lose it trust me lol