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Requesting repair of Oculus Touch controllers

Level 2
I'm on my 3rd set of Oculus touch controllers. I bought a set of backups (and a 3rd sensor) on Amazon, however I am now on my 3rd set of touch controllers (thank you Echo Arena [and you're welcome Oculus]) and need to have the other 2 sets fixed. These were damaged (joystick issues mainly) from in-game play. Joysticks lost finger proximity tracking and one set has a broken joystick entirely.

I am seeking any info on if a repair process exists, what your experience may have been with this process and what I can expect. I need to ship out my 2 sets of controllers to be fixed (as I cannot find the internal parts anywhere online to do the repair myself).

How do I submit a repair request? How much does a repair cost? How long does it take to turn around a repair?

NOTE: The Oculus ticket submission system has a google reCAPTCHA domain issue, so submissions are impossible currently. 

Level 16
Hi. Unfortunately, repair is not an option that we provide. Not sure if you could DIY it either, it may not all be standard parts. But I'm interested to hear what the issue is with the CAPTCHA. Can you take a screenshot or share some details as to what url you are visiting or what errors you receive? Thanks.
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Level 2
Yes, I feared that this was the case. Obviously I hope to see some sort of solution down the line, but it's a little silly to constantly purchase new controllers when my finger tracking becomes damaged. Sadly, a bunch of games rely on the simple aspect of finger tracking in general. I'm 100% capable of performing an advanced repair of all internal circuitry. Please let me know if you have any info on internal components. 

I saw that iFixIt had a nice breakdown online of the controller and it's internal workings, however no links to sources for part purchasing.

Regarding the CAPTCHA:
It appears to have been repaired since yesterday, as now I no longer get the "invalid domain" message when attempting to interact with it.