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Resetting Quest 2 security pattern

Level 2

I got a Q2 for Xmas and set it up according to instructions. But when I installed the phone app something happened and I was locked out of my Q2 and would not accept the pattern I had set. When I followed the instructions to reset the pattern from my phone, I was locked out of that too, because it wanted me to unlock the pattern again! 


That does not make sense. How can you use the pattern again if it does not work?


The Oculus site says "If you've forgotten your unlock pattern, you can remove it using the Oculus mobile app and your Oculus PIN."

But it is impossible to do this because the app requires you to know your security pattern. 
What should happen next (in a normal world) is to request a pattern/password reset via email. But Oculus says your only option is to do a "factory reset", which wipes out a lot of user data stored on your Q2
"If you're unable to remove your unlock pattern using the Oculus mobile app, you can factory reset your headset.
If you're still having issues, please contact Oculus Support."
"factory reset" Really? That is simply not acceptable. Oculus please fix this immediately, by creating an email reset solution that does not require you to use a pattern/password that obviously will not work. 
Why hasn't this been fixed?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, thanks for contacting us. We noticed that you are experiencing trouble resetting your Quest 2. We're sorry to hear that the instructions may have been a little confusing. Nevertheless, we're here to help! Upon review, looks like you provided an additional email address in which has been updated in our system. May you please check to see you if received a password reset email from us?


Looking forward to hearing from you. 

I am having the same issue it is not letting me access my account because of the pattern I’ve tried to figure it out but I can’t can you please send me a password reset email.

Hello burritoman121, thanks for contacting us! Having trouble with unlock pattern and password needs resetting? For authenticity purposes, please PM us to get the assistance you need. 


To PM us, please click here or on our name to get to our profile page, then click "Send a Message" to privately contact us. Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message.


We're always glad to help! 🙂

I also forgot my pattern and I have been trying to fix it for a hours now what should I do 

The only way to fix it is to reset your device to factory defaults. This is a unacceptable solution and I have been trying to get Oculus to fix this for the past couple days. 

Level 3

I feel the same way as you. I am currently waiting for a update to come that will fix this issue. I have contacted Oculus on different platforms so hopefully we can get this sorted. If not I will see what steps we can take to get this issue fixed. This issue has been around for years now. I have traced it as far back as two years.

I am having the exact same issue at the moment.

I call bull**bleep**.  Nobody is "confused" about the instructions.  The instructions don't work.  Everyone who has the pattern unlock feature turned on (and then forgets it) is in the same boat.

I’m In This Same Boat I Need My Pattern Reset As Well … My Kids Put Locks On The Apps & They Forgot Their Passwords