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Resolved Issue - App Sharing Not Able to Play Simultaneously

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I keep getting error messages that I can’t play the same game on different oculus’s at once even though I am admin in both and it’s still not letting me. It worked 2 weeks ago but has no suddenly stopped working. I’m not going to be buying the game again on that device. I hope someone can contact me and tel me how to fix this app sharing issues because right now I can’t play with my family. 

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So my critique of Meta and their developers stands as well as my demand for accountability by the 1st of May.  The devs set the system/schedule of how updates roll out.  Why not compile a lait of headsets report d to have the app sharing problem and prioritize them besides what seems to be (based on the lack of support and long delays) developers simply not giving a hoot.  Furthermore Meta management and the devs should be reprimanded for the abysmal support and this problem that has not only gone on for weeks now but has also includes customers now purchasing extra licensing to fix the system the devs broke... Are we getting refunds for these extra licenses that we should never have had to purchase.  I have asked this numerous times here and numerous times directly to support and no definitive answer.  This does not help Meta expand it's customer base.  Mistakes happen, delays happen, failed communication is simply devs, management and other staffers not doing their jobs.

Ok, while I totally agree that this is all really unfortunate with the app sharing, I have to say: you're taking a high ground where no high ground is to be taken. Many people here asked about refunds, and honestly, the general consensus should be "No". I'm happy there's app sharing, but I'd never go ahead and think it entitles me to more copies of a game if it is not working.. Nor that I should be refunded, if there was never a clear answer here in this thread or anyone by Meta in some announcement.


And you shouldn't either, as there's no agreement of such in the first place - please, do not send yourself out there demanding anything free because you feel entitled to it, if the other party never denied nor accepted your conditions.


Long story short: why did you even bother buying more copies of a game, if you couldn't have known whether you'll get a refund or not? It's beyond me. 

oh shut up

Actually... I have email response from at least two developers and more to come that state they intended for their games to be bought and at least two units to play on the same license.  It is this documentation, as well as documented support chats/emails that enable me to take this "high ground".  Don't shoot others down with asking for the documentation.


Partly I have to agree to @MrRedPandabaer , partly to disagree.
The feature of App Sharing with two Quest devices had been promoted officially. This had also been one major reason to buy a second Quest for my daughter. The failure of this system could not be accepted as a change of mind/clauses of Meta. That is why I joined this thread actively.
Buying a second license though to be able to play the game without nagging messages without this issue being totally cleared, is a personal decision. Meta cannot be held responsible for that. Therefore there is no reason for a  refund in my opinion.
I just took the time, until

1. the statement has been made that Meta really regards this issues as a mistake and

2. the V39 installed on my Quest and solved the problem. 


But this is just my point of view 

If customers want to wait a month and be deprived of a feature that both Meta and developers stat should be working b cause they want to be nice to Meta fine and dandy, however I'm not going to be deprived of experience due to negligence, easy to pay the money and fight Meta later with th documentation on here, Meta's support chats, website and now game developers emails showing app sharing as a feature actively marketed as a reason to buy Oculus. Meta should be held accountable for their licensing system failure they caused and the delays fixing it.  If Meta doesn't refund extra license costs purchased to cover their developers mistakes, then might be time to consider other VR systems.

We agree entirely. I'm on the same page. 

But, in that case you would be fine with your license being taken back, like an extended refund, I assume? At least for all the buys during the time period where this problem occurred, I suppose?

That is 100% correct, on my secondary that I use to buy licenses when app sharing wasn't enabled by the developer I would buy the second license, when app sharing broke I bought extra licenses of games that allowed app sharing that we liked to play such as Walk About Golf (developer email me and documented that they completely support app sharing and encourage it), those licenses bought during this outage should be removed from my secondary and refunds initiated or credits which can be used to buy other games on the main account would be sufficient as well.

Level 3

Still no update for me. Still not working. It’s been a month.