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Return shipping label delays from Oculus

Level 3

I am trying to return my elite strap with battery, which was delivered on 23rd August.


On 2nd September, I contacted Oculus support who told me they needed 3 business days to generate a return shipping label which would be emailed to me.


Today is 15th September and I've still not received it. I've contacted support several times and get very friendly generic copy/paste text back advising they need more time.


I will soon be outside of the 30 day return window, entirely due to unexplained delays by Oculus in providing the return shipping label.


What should I do?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there. This is not the experience we are hoping for. We understand this has been a rough experience and we can do better. We do want to let you know the agents working on your ticket are doing the work to figure this shipping error out as quickly as possible. 

Hi - well, it's been another two weeks and still no updates. In fact, you've gone silent unless I contact you and when I do, all I get is generic copy/paste assurances like the one you've replied to me with.


I need a shipping label to return my elite strap with battery. When will this happen?

Level 3

Well, nearly another week has past, and STILL no updates from Oculus. STILL waiting for a return shipping label.


Is this a real company or a bad joke?

Try twitter. Paradoxically, that seems to be a good way to get a response.

Hi groot-VR, we sincerely apologize for the delay in sending out your return labels. We appreciate your extended patience as we are working as quickly as possible to get this error fixed. Please keep an eye on your email inbox for an update.

Level 3

Yet ANOTHER week has passed, and still I've had no communication of any kind from Oculus. No update, no explanation and no return shipping label.


I'm at a loss to know what to do. Should I just give up on Oculus being any help at all?

I've been having this issue for a month

Hi there, we want you to know that we're actively working on this for you. You'll have an update from a member of our team soon, we appreciate you for your continued patience and cooperation with us while we work on this for you. We understand this isn't and ideal situation, just know we're working on this.

Nobody believes you. How long can it take to generate an email with a returns slip in it? If you don't have the stock to fulfil replacements, come clean and offer up a solution of some sort. All these assurances that the team are actively working on the problem don't fool anyone.