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Ribbon cable (headphones/rear tracking sensors) broken

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Hey guys... 
Some days ago, I bought one CV1 it from a friend. But unfortunately in the transport the ribbon cable in headband it broke. I tried repair this ribbon cable but I don't had success. I tried talk with the Oculus Support...I asked if they send me another headband for make my rift 100% again but apparently, they do not want help me. I know how disassembly/assembly my rift, this is no worry for me...but they said basically "Sorry to hear that Rift was damaged"...short answer: buy another one.

Anyone can help me about this problem? How can repair? Where find something that can use for fix?

I tried amend the ribbon cable using wires but when I test continuity with multimeter any pin doesn't work.

1- Before try fix, I tested continuity between this pins and the headphone pins, it's working. 

2- I received the oculus in this situation. I needed cut the ribbon cable after this hole because was torn.dfnwvq5datwe.jpeg

3- Conversation with the Oculus Support Team

3 - Soldered pins with wires in the both sides, at the moment, all that's fine. I tested again the continuity between the blue wire sides, it's working too...but if a test between the blue wire side and headphone contact...not working 😞 (maybe why I use this wire? need another wire type?)dcxb4lagh8nv.jpeg

4 - Another picture without zoom




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Put this on the Occulus forum on Reddit and also, fire off some emails to the various independent reviewers and companies who would have had a bunch of Rift units to hand which they tore apart to learn how the innards work.

Maybe one of their staff can help you assess whether it can be repaired.

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Jut had the same issue... ripped ribbon cable at the joint...this started with a missing right headphone and then that stopped working...carefully prized off the side bar to find the cable broken completely...WEAK POINT !!!

Need spare parts !!!!! - I'm a developer and this is a major issue !!!
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Did you find a solution to this problem? If only they could provide this part for out of warranty customers at least.