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Rift CV1 Black Screen / Display Driver /Restart Driver Error for SteamVR

Level 2

Oculus application running off my Rift CV1 works smoothly, but running SteamVR (with or without a game running) gives out and goes black after a few minutes. Audio still works and it'll claim there was an error with communication between Oculus Client.

Some people claim turning off Razor Cortex's Boost Mode is a quick fix. However, I've never used the software. I've tried uninstalling the similar-ish NVidia Experience software as well as removing and reinstalling Oculus, SteamVR, Oculus Beta, and my GPU drivers (via DDU). I've also looked into Rift driver verification and Oculus Runtime shenanigans.

I gave some thought to the idea of a shorted/iffy Rift cable, but the error still occurs while the headset is simply idle on the ground with SteamVR in the background. Plus, Oculus doesn’t sell official cables anymore and eBay’s prices scare me. A bad HDMI port perhaps? I’ve only got one HDMI port on the GPU [1060 6GB] and I’ve heard negative things about using an HDMI->DisplayPort adapter for VR use. I made sure to give the headset-end of the cable a good check and everything seems to be in order there.

Patch notes from an Oculus update that went up last week mentioned it solved a similar-sounding bug but it hasn't assisted me. Also, while my Rift is essentially out of commission, using Quest Link works with no problems.

I'd love the chance to get this device up and running again. Any advice/leads would be much-appreciated ~~♪