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Rift Display Flickering?

Level 2
There is an issue that I have with Beat Saber. I have turned the graphics all the way down, and all the way up, and none of these worked. It is almost like the bottom half of the screen has a blurred effect on it, while the top half is completely fine. In fact, the top half has never had this effect. It doesn't look close, like its an issue with the screen, but rather a big board covered in an odd material that blurs the lower half of my vision. I am assuming its a tracking fault somehow? Because when I face my sensors directly, the problem almost never occurs. It may also be my processor, as it isn't the best, but is able to run all other VR titles absolutely flawlessly. Everything else in my computer is as good, or better than Oculus recommends. I have the latest GeForce drivers installed as well, but it still doesn't work. When turning on MSAA at any level, it effects the screen even more, though. It also seems to occur only when the I am looking at lots of obstacles and blocks at the same time, but doesn't cause lag, only this problem. If I could have any support, it would be greatly appreciated.