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Rift RK2 Sensor making my Webcam useless

Level 2

I'm having problem with oculus pc app for couple days, because this webcam. 

When I install oculus app with connecting webcam seems impossible for some reason, so I unplugged my webcam and installed oculus app successfully. But next day when I trying to connect webcam, despite I didnt run oculus app or connecting My quest 2,  webcam seems to recognized as Rift RK2 Sensor..

I can't just delete my oculus app every single time when I using webcam.

Any solution will be helpful.what.PNG


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey Timealtering,


That is...odd. It certainly isn't supposed to work like that. Your Oculus PC app doesn't work when a webcam is plugged in? That is incredibly strange and we want to get into some troubleshooting with you.


This may take some finessing and to do that we'd like you to go ahead and make a support ticket with us, if you haven't already.


Let us know when you have so we can get the right eyes on it. Let's see what this camera issue is all about together!