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Rift S Lagging/Rendering Delay

Level 2
I received my Rift S this morning and have spent the day trying to get it to work correctly. My main problem is that it’s been lagging in every game, even the oculus home lobby area and Valve’s The Lab. When playing, it seems almost like rendering lag as sometimes when I turn my head a black portion of the screen appears and the games slow down (also happens in the lobby). Games like beat saber will sporadically lag (both controller input and screen delay) when playing and when just sitting in the song selection screen. Although “stuttering” might be a better description. It is never completely blacking out, losing connection, or turning off unexpectedly. I’ve tried every fix on the internet I could find and would appreciate if anyone has anymore ideas. Unfortunately at this point I think I’m going to have to return my Rift S. I’m also think it might not even be worth buying the quest in exchange, since multiple games I want to play aren’t on the quest store and it would be likely that I would have similar problems with the link if I can’t fix the rift s. 

Solutions tried so far in no particular order: 
- Defragged and restarted computer 
- Updated drivers (graphics, USB ports, DisplayPort) and restarted computer. 
- Reinstalled/repaired oculus app (during one repair attempt is said an error was correct but this did not fix the problem). 
- Tried games on both SteamVR and through oculus store (however the fact that even the oculus lobby is lagging leads me to believe this didn’t matter). 
- Turned off all virus software to absolutely make sure they weren’t running in the background. 
- Tried different USB ports. 
- Disconnected and reconnected rift s with oculus app. 

Computer Specs:
Link to sales page for the computer (remove spaces, sorry my account is new) https:// www.ama B01NALTGWN/ ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_yi 3kFbGF50S5S

- NVIDIA GTX 1070 8GB Graphics Card
- Intel Core i7-7700HQ Processor
- 16 GB Ram

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager
Hi. Thanks for bringing this matter to our attention. There are a few more things that you can try. Remove all non Oculus USB devices other than the mouse and keyboard in order to free up USB bandwidth. If you have more than one monitor disconnect the secondary one. Make sure that your USB power settings are not enabled. Should you continue to have issues, you can reach out to our support team. - Principe

Level 2
well i have the same problem right now and im trying to fix it 

Level 2
i have had the same problem for about a week now and i cant fix it i have tried everything listed and what oculus support said i cant do either because i cant find usb power settings im thinking i should just trade my rift in for a quest 2 cause ive only had it for a month and i cant figure out anything cause oculus support doesnt do shit

Level 2
I've had this exact same problem while I play ANY game and even the oculus/steam hub. I've seen a very small improvement when you enter a game in Oculus VR rather than Steam VR and lower the graphics of the game but it still lags to the point where it is unplayable. I really wih there was a solution to this catastrophicy

Level 3

I have the same exact problem and also tried everything man. I wanted to play beat saber so bad since i was stuck at work and now I can't even play I hope we can get a fix soon cause I already regret my quest plz I don't need another problem with it