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Rift S Randomly Going Black

Level 2

Dear Rift users, last year I bought my Rift S and had alot of problems with it. I've fixed all problems and for the past year I could play with my Rift S for hours, I even fell asleep in a game in my Rift S.

Now a year later, 2 days ago all of a sudden my Rift S is giving me black screen and an orange light after around 15/20 minutes playtime, I've had this problem before a year ago when I just got my Rift S, turned out to be my PCI card, so I bought a new one back then, then it was fixed. I still have that newer PCI card in my PC and didn't had any problems with it combined with my Rift S, just all of a sudden its giving me black screens after a YEAR! I didn't change anything in my PC and updated both Oculus and my Nvidia Geforce and yet still didn't work, I also reinstalled Oculus both it still does the same.

Can someone help?





Level 2

I had a the same problem with my Rift (CV1) and the only solution for me was to roll back the NVIDIA drivers to version 461.92. I guess there is some compatibility issue between newer NVIDIA drivers and the latest Oculus app/runtime.


With the latest NVIDIA drivers my Rift would display a black screen, while my Quest 2 would fail to connect to my PC using either Link or Air Link with some error message about being unable to find my headset.


After reverting the drivers all the way to 461.92 the Rift started working again (no more black screens) and the Quest can connect to the PC again (it still displays the connection error but works anyway).


After trying all recent NVIDIA drivers, it seems those released after the ones mentioned above don't seem to work with Oculus least on my machine.

I’ve did a clean Windows install, hoping this will fix it, ill try now, if that doesnt work ill try your solution, thanks for the tip 

Level 2

Reinstalling Windows didn't fix it. Might try rolling back the drivers.

How can I roll back drivers?