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Rift S - Sensors can't track headset & Infinite Loading Screen



My Rift S has currently an infinity "loading screen" and refuses to progress further into my home. I've also noticed that my touch controllers were like at the bottom of the ground being stuck-


I thought a fresh device setup might fix this problem but it turns out that once I did, it told me that the Sensors couldn't tack my headset...


Now I have done my research and bought a PCIe USB 3.0 Card as I've concluded that it has worked for many.

I installed and checked if it was detected and all. 

But sadly when trying to do it again I get the same result as before...


If anyone has any solutions, please tell me.
Logs can be provided if needed.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! Getting stuck at a loading screen and wrestling with hardware/software issues is decidedly not what VR is all about! Let's take a closer look at that and see what could be tripping you up. You mention that you've done a fresh setup, but was that a 'Clean install" after a complete removal of the software? If not, that can be done by following the steps below.


1. Disconnect your computer from the internet.

2. Backup any necessary content.

• You can find steps on how to do so by clicking here.


3. Reboot into Safe Mode.

4. Uninstall Oculus PC app using the Control Panel.

5. Delete all Oculus folders from the following folder:

• C:\Program Files


6. Remove any Oculus folders from the following locations:

• C:\Users\YourUserProfile\AppData

• C:\Users\YourUserProfile\AppData\Local

• C:\Users\YourUserProfile\AppData\LocalLow

• C:\Users\YourUserProfile\AppData\Roaming

• C:\OculusSetup-DownloadCache


7. Restart your computer in normal mode.

8. Reconnect your computer to the internet.

9. Install Oculus PC app again using the setup tool from our website here.


Please let us know if that doesn't get you out of the weeds. Your Meta Store Support team is standing by and ready to assist! You can send them an email or chat by following this link. You'll want to go ahead and include a fresh set of logs, gathered after following that walkthrough, and we'll see what's giving you a hard time.