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Rift S cant connect, but Orange Light AND Sound?!

Level 2

Since today I am having a problem with my Rift (have i running since 2019) - it shows in the software as not Connected, but the Orange light is on.

I have tested all my USB ports on the motherboard, as well as the USB-C port on my graphics card - and both display ports, to no avail.


The curious thing is that the audio output on the headset works fine?

I have reinstalled the Oculus drivers, reinstalled all the Oculus software and also have the latest nVidia drivers.
Do you have any clues as to what I could check?
I can not attach the zip from the loggatherer here somehow?


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hello, we hate to hear that you are continuing to have trouble with your Rift S. We're here to help! If you haven't done so already, please follow the troubleshooting steps below:


1. Repair Oculus app -> LINK.

2. Update graphic card drivers -> LINK.

3. Check you have the latest Windows 10 version. To do it follow this two steps:

  • 1. Select Start button
    2. Go to Configuration > Update and security > Windows Update

4. Try different USB.

5. Uninstall and reinstall Oculus Home:

  • 1. Disconnect your internet connection.

    2. Do a backup of the necessary files:

    Can find the steps on this link -> LINK

    3. Restart in Safe mode.

    4. Uninstall the app from the settings.

    5. Erase all the files of Oculus from this folder:
    C:\Program Files

    6. Erase all files from this locations:

    7. Restart your computer in a normal mode.

    8. Connect your computer to internet,

    9. Try to install Oculus app again from our website WEB.

If you continue to experience trouble, please click here to submit a support ticket for further assistance. Thanks! 🙂