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Rift S connectivity issues

Level 2

Hi I'm sure no one will be surprised by this, but after 6 months my Rift S now refuses to connect/stay connected.
I've been talking with Support via email and getting any help is like pulling teeth. 

After a lot of prodding I was eventually offered some additional troubleshooting steps not in the FAQ but they have not helped. I have now been asked to wait an additional week to hear back following sending a second round of logs. 

I've heard of many people having a similar issue of the connection on the headset becoming faulty. 
Since I have Amazon Protect coverage what I would really like them to do is offer confirmation of a faulty headset (which is what Amazon Protect have told me I need to claim) then I could simply get a replacement Rift S, but asking directly for this confirmation, I was simply offered to attempt further troubleshooting in a week.

Is there anything I can do to end this frustrating situation more quickly.