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Rift S controller : the thumb of the virtual hand remains locked in the closed position

Level 3
 I have a problem with the right controller of my Rift S. The position of the virtual hand's thumb remains locked in the closed position, even if I do not press any button on the controller. The only way to put the virtual thumb of the right hand back into the raised position is to remove the battery and then replace it. However, this only solves the problem for a few minutes and when I play, the virtual thumb always ends up getting stuck in the closed position at some point.

PC Specs: i7-4770k @ 4,5 Ghz (OC), 16 Gb DDR3 2400 Mhz, MSI  GTX 1080 Gaming X 8 gb, SSD Samsung 850 PRO 250 Gb,  SSD Samsung, 850 EVO 500 Go, 650 W Certified PSU, Acer 27" monitor, Xbox360 Controller, Windows 10 64bit.


Level 2
I have a similar problem. In my case is the left index finger. It keeps closed even though I'm not pressing or touching the trigger. 

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager
Hey @Gloozy and @ricgon, that's unusual for the finger/thumb to be stuck like that. If you haven't already, please contact support at so we can help you with this. Thanks! -Rick

Level 2
That’s not unusual. I have the exact same problem, lots of users are reporting the same across the internet, Oculus support itself told me it was being recurrently reported. After dozens of emails they said it might be hardware issue but can’t send me a replacement because my address is not residential (though it is the exact same address amazon shipped me the rift S in 1st place, bought at pre-release ). So here am I stuck with a defective controller ‘with no solution options for me’, told me oculus support.

PS.: I realized recently that upon touching the right thumb stick, the tracking of my thumb finger ‘wakes up’, only to get stuck again. So doing this thumb dance repeatedly seems to be my only way to go.

Level 2
I'm starting to have to have the same issue, after about half a year of moderate use. So far only in the left controller.

Level 2
For me it's the index trigger on my left controller. It temporarily starts working again if I wipe it on my shirt. But only for like 3 seconds. So there is no fix for this but buying new controllers then?