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Rift S doesn't fit my head at all. What to do.

Level 2
I have the head shape of an ostrich and it just doesn't fit. I know how to adjust it, I know what the button does and I've tried different angles. I found an angle that works but whenever I look up it feels like the headset is about to fall off my head backwards. A solution I found online is the Esimen Vr Halo headband however it's meant for the Oculus Quest. Has anybody tried modding this on to a Rift S before? If so please tell me. I'm not really willing to spend a 3rd the cost of the headset to mod a deluxe vive strap though.

Level 11
I didn't like it, either and returned it for a refund then bought a different headset.

i5 9600k @4.5GHz; 16GB DDR4 3200; 6xSSD; RTX2080ti; Gigabyte Z390D Mobo
Rift CV1; Index; Quest; Quest 2

Level 2
Don't really intend to refund it though. All the other headsets consist of expensive ones and the oculus quest which has terrible graphics compared to the rift s.