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Rift S just orange light and three red dots after update today

Level 3

My oculus auto updated to the newest version today and now I get the orange light and three dots. I’ve tried reinstalling the software and tried multiple 3.0 and 3.1 USB ports. 

How can I roll back the software to before this update so I can actually use this. It worked absolutely fine before


I'm already looking to purchase a different VR setup. I've had enough of the stupid crap that Oculus is doing to us all. Can't refund as it was purchased back in Dec. 2020 and was not opened until Jan. Past the 30 day return policy. I will take a hit on this. I will sell on eBay for 1/2 price. It is almost new with no wear. But the 1600. prices on the other one I'm looking at is way out of the ball park for what I will pay. Any suggestions? I use Steam and iRacing mainly.

Level 2

the cheapest i've seen is Samsung Odyssey+ it's 699 unfortunately I can't afford it right now as I have plans for my money but if you can afford it I reccomend it and NEVER buy an Oculus product again also your purchase date is around the same as mine go contact Amazon support and they'll refund you but charge a restock price if that's where you purchased it I still am getting 269 dollars back on mine and don't ever buy an Oculus product again. Be well my friend!

That is if you got it from Amazon they will work with you.

Thanks for the info! I purchased from B&H photo before Christmas. I didn't open it and try until late Jan. 2021. I emailed B&H and asked them nicely if they can some how honor my return. Will take a few days to get a reply. B&H is awesome. Fast ship, great customer service, packing of packaged above and beyond. 

Good luck man I hope  you find your perfect vr setup it is truly a marvelous experience but just not worth dealing with Oculus to have.

Level 4

@kyestar24 Will the Samsung Odyssey+ work with display port on a video card? Nevermind. My RX590 has 1 HDMI port and 3 DisplayPorts. Samsung Odyssey+ requires 1 HDMI port on card and USB 3.0 port




Yeah usually all display cards have an HDMI port.

Level 3

Was anyone able to get their Rift S going again?  I have the exact same problem (Rift S owner for about 12 months, no issues, then the latest update happened and now I'm stuck with an orange light + 3 blinking dots).


To say it's frustrating is an understatement 😞

This thread is abandoned.

Go to this thread where we all went to discuss this issue. Some interesting items and tid bits there.

Level 3

I found a fix for this problem (for me personally), download version 25 or lower, and test it:
Just replace all the files in the Support folder, which is located in the Oculus root folder. You can get to it by right-clicking on the Oculus shortcut -> File Location.