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Rift S weird disconnection issues?!

Level 2
ok so i've had my Rift S for roughly 3 months now no problem. My gtx1060 3gb died on me and got an RX570 as a replacement.

Everything worked fine for about a week, then my friends in VRchat mentioned how my voice would go static, robotic and then incomprehensible. after 10 seconds my voice would bounce back from normal to static.

After a couple of days of this, my sound coming from the built in speakers started to produce slight static from every sound including pc sounds.

2 days after that, my DisplayPort would disconnect after about half an hour's gameplay, after a minute it would reconect, but with major tracking issues with both HMD and hands. I would disconnect my Rift S, Close the program and retry, but get random issues like black screen or not connecting at all

I have tried EVERY trouble shooting i can, from drivers, conflicting software, repairing the software, deleting everything oculus and more!.

I have lodged a ticket but i was wondering if anyone else has experienced this, or if anyone knows if this is a hardware or software issue?