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Rift S won't connect - Support won't help

Level 2



I was directed to come to the forum pages from the support team after over a month of troubleshooting my Rift S device.  Ever since an update back in February/March my Rift S will no longer connect due to a failed "sensor check".  However, while the sensor check occurs the headset turns on and displays the 3 dot loading screen and will play audio out of the speakers.  


I woke up this morning to the latest message from Oculus indicating we have tried all of their troubleshooting and they are no longer able to help me.  My headset is barely over a year old and I now have a ~$450 paperweight.  I have tried everything from reverting the software to a previous version, updating all of my USB port drivers, disabling features that cause issues with supplying power to the USB, sending countless log files, entering the public beta, updating windows, and more.  But at least support "understands how frustrating it is" while they send me off to their forums that I've already searched through for hours.  They have not been able to determine that anything is wrong with the headset from the log files so if anyone out there has a solution I haven't mentioned I would love to hear it.