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Rift S won't display.

Level 2

I'm running my Rift S through a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter into my laptop because my laptop doesn't have a DisplayPort (my laptop has a dedicated graphics card). The headers registers as being connected, the controllers connect and the sensors connect. However, it then tells me to continue set-up in VR, and my headset is completely dark. Also it constantly gives me error messages saying there have been hardware failures, but then those messages dissapear. 


Is using a DP to HDMI adaptor causing the issues? Is having a dedicated graphics card nullified by the fact it's a laptop? What's going on?


Level 12

You can not use a dp to hdmi adapter as it doesn't have the bandwidth or required standard for the rift hmd. 

Level 12

you could try a usb 3.0 to dp, i know some people who have had success with that.