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Rift Speaker Failure (Support Request #250765)

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Hi all & cybereality,

First I as have many others have been dealing with the spud issues, bad QA? bad oled's? Mura Correction? who know's as Oculus will not speak about it, shame because everyone else is. My patience ran out a couple of weeks ago and I started to complain to support as to when the fix was coming.

Still not even a rough timescale is the only answer given?

Anyway on to the main point.... yesterday the left speaker started dropping out like a loose wire or loose connection, I finally discovered that the side arm adjustment on the right hand side was the culprit. I have no idea how these headsets are put together but something was failing until finally there was no sound out of the left speaker at all.

Well today the right speaker has also gave up the ghost, whether it is a loose connection, failed chipped I don't know. Reinstalled everything apart from OS as only did that last week.

Reinstalled Drivers, Oculus home, reset everything to default, disabled other audio to pin point, done registry clean-up you name I've done it & the only audio failing is Oculus. All other audio, sound system, pc earphones work as should.

Can I call out for some help from cybereality to let support know Request #250765 It is a hardware issue (loose wiring, fuse, chip I dunno) I have tried swapping the speakers over from left to right which identified the left was failing now the right has completely failed as well. I have sent video's via Oculus support had to do mega links as could not upload on the support site keeps on cutting out, sent log's as well.

This unit needs looking at by a specialist now, it's under warranty & is part of the contract.

Sorry to call out but Oculus really does need to get a handle on this & being a long term supporter I feel sad & frankly offended by what is happening at the moment.

thanks for reading anyways

Edit: I know it may come across as a bit of a rant, hardware do have faults that I understand, it is the way these things are being handled that grieves me the most. I know my around a PC & Rifts but when it's hardware that is in warranty, support should be taking a more delicate approach. These conversation's are all recorded & legally they are treading on light ground here in the UK since the Consumer Rights Act was passed in Parliament last year. Retailer's & sellers live & die on good & bad support. I don't want to see Oculus burn I am a fan!


Level 3
I had more or less the same problem.
wrote a support ticked got answered within minutes followed the advice and the problem was solved.
this all without much hassle.
my complements to the support team!
the fastest support team on the planet.

Level 5
thanks for the reply,

I am assuming you did not have to go down the replacement/returns route because of hardware failure?

I have been waiting since last week for a returns label & no reply from support. Frustration does set in, espciallly after the long wait to begin with. Gonna go back to screaming at my rock now....

This video cheered me up;

Level 5
I also talked ro support about a failing speaker. Luckily in my case it was the headphone itself, so this could be replaced.
However, support told me they know about a problem with bad wiring in the headset (side arms) which causes the audio to fail. In fact they suspected this to be the case with my unit and insisted to replace it until I could convince them all I needed was a replacment headphone.

Bottom line: If you opened a support ticket explaining the issue, you should have no problem getting your unit replaced. They will tell you to send yours back for examination.

Good luck!

Level 5
Thanks mate 🙂

It's been ok'd for the RMA. Still waiting for the returns label.... if I knew the address of where it has to be sent, I would have sent it back days ago.

Level 5


I still have my unused return label, so I could heave helped you out with that!


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If you still have your faulty rift with the audio problem. Try to pull out the band as far as it will go and see if that makes the audio come back. I am having the same issue and that temporarily fixes it. If the audio comes back when you do that it is more than likely a loose wire in the rift. I can confirm this.