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Rift Stuttering Issues. (CV1) Please help!

Level 2
Going back in time to February, my rift (CV1) and PC were working just fine, zero issues. I had to move my PC around to a smaller room (not enough for the Rift), to accommodate a work from home environment.

I've just recently been able to move my PC back into the original room and tried to hook up my Rift again, but am now running into issues that make it pretty much unusable. When loading into the Oculus home environment, I'm getting garbled and *spikey* audio. The video feed was horrendously unstable. It was stutter and screen tearing all over the place; it's pretty jarring. I tried to load up Beat Saber just to see what it's like in a game. Beat Saber did a little better than being in the home environment, but not as smooth as it was before. It was still a little stuttery, but the object tearing was way less severe. It was mediocre at best...until I got the hourglass and it just crashes.

  • Dell Inspiron 5675
  • RX 580
  • Ryzen 7 1700x
  • 460W PSU
  • Oculus Rift (CV1, purchased in 2017)
  • 2 Sensors, 2 Touch Controllers, 1 Remote

Things I've done
  • I cleaned headset before hooking it up and I've made sure that when putting it back together, that everything *clicked*.
  • I've tried updated all the Oculus updates and even went as far as reinstalling Oculus entirel
  • I've tried updated graphics card drivers
  • I've tried moving around the which USB ports everything is plugged into. I've check the device manager to see that the sensors and the headset are on different host controllers
My Observations
  1. None of the above steps solved my issues.
  2. In task manager, I see that OculusHome2 and OVRServer both use a ton of my GPU and power.
  3. When I was moving between different usb ports, I accidently left my ethernet cable unplugged one of those times. The home environment didn't load up, but I was still able to access my library. I was able to load up Beat Saber, and it ran mostly without issues. It didn't feel quite as smooth as it did last February, but that's probably subjective.
My Best Guesses
  1. Something in Oculus's update is running something *extra* that shouldn't be. I feel like this is most likely, but don't know what to do about it.
  2. The Oculus updates now force more system resources than it used to? I know my CPU/GPU/PSU is a bit dated, but I would certainly hope they didn't just make my hardware obsolete to run the Rift.
  3. My PSU is old and dying. It's a prebuilt, so it wasn't great to begin with. I don't quite have a spare one to test, but I really don't want to dump much money into this PC because I'm hoping to build a new PC in then next couple of months (pending stock issues).*

I'd greatly appreciate additional insight, diagnostics steps, solutions...

Level 10
This look like a PSU dying effectively. As you will have to buy a new one for your future configuration, why you don't start by this one? It will not be lost... I upgraded recently with new MB, CPU and RAM. I need now to upgrade my 8 years old 620W PSU which begin to fail, and wait like lot of people for availability of new CG 😉

In any case if I was you I will try to monitor you machine to see what's going on. task Manager at least, monitoring tool like "Hardware Info" HWINFO64, etc. just to see if something is not overheating or under powered.

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I7 10700K,  RTX 3070, 32GB DDR4 3200Mhz, Oculus Rift CV1

Level 2

Thanks for the response. The PSU was where I was leaning too (and hoping it wasn't), until it was working pretty well without the ethernet cable being plugged in...

The main reason I don't really want to buy a new PSU (unless I have to), is so I can keep this PC in the living room for anyone to use the Rift whenever. My new build will be in a different room, and more geared towards desktop gaming. I didn't quite explain that part. I don't need the best performance out of my Rift PC at the moment (I'm not playing HL:A....yet), just to get it running to the level it was before.